Problems with my account


Problems with my account

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Today when I tried to start the spotify app on my phone it had logged me out of my account, and when I tried to use my username and password it says "your email and password combination does not match a spotify account". I know it's correct since I've been using spotify since its beginning. I tried to log on using my computer instead and same thing happenend there. I proceeded to reset my password using my email adress and was recieved with a new userid (containing numbers) that I don't recoqnize and when password was reset, logged into my account. ALL my music is gone from years and years and it says I'm back on spotify free instead of premium. What has happened and how do I get back to my account? Would be absolutely devastated if my playlists are gone.

my username is: "jakey"

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Re: Problems with my account


Hey @user-removed.


Don't worry. It might be possible that you have 2 different accounts. In this case, can you make sure to follow the steps provided in this guide


Let us know if this helps.