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Problems with payment for 3-for-1 month subscription.

Problems with payment for 3-for-1 month subscription.



I want to purchase a 3-for-1 mo. subscription, but unfortunately I am being overcharged. The page indicates me to type a zip code, and here in Lima, Peru, we don't use that that often, and when I put a US zip code, I get the tax charged to the $9.99 I was originally going to pay.

Could anyone help me please?


Thank you in advance.

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Have you tried this page?

Hope this helped 🙂

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Yes, I have had seen that page, but then on that page I don't get the 3-for-1 promotion 😕

Is there any other solution?



If this promotion is available in Peru and you can't complete the form because of the zip code problem, get in touch with the payment team using this contact form and I'm sure they'll get this sorted for you.

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