Problems with syncing local files across devices

Problems with syncing local files across devices


I am Premium subscriber and I have a couple different playlists that I imported from iTunes.  I have set up my desktop to access the local files and am trying to download these to my Android tablet and Android phone.  I'm having some extremely frustrating problems.  The first picture below is from my desktop.  All the music is there, it is downloaded and good to go.  The second picture is from my tablet.  It's the same playlist, all of the music is grayed out even though I have Downloaded selected.  The third picture is my phone.  Same playlist, Downloaded is selected but only some of the music is there.


A few notes after looking at a bunch of the recommended fixes for this.

  • All of the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • I removed all of my offline devices in my account and started over on each device and get the same result every time.
  • I've restarted each device multiple times.
  • I've deleted the apps from each device and started over and no change.
  • I tried plugging the tablet into my PC through USB and no changes.



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Hello @darinhclark, welcome to the community!

May I know in what format are these music files imported from the PC?

Do you have any active firewalls?


Thanks for the response.  I do not have any active firewalls.  Some of the files are Mp3 and some are m4a.  I do have Quicktime installed on my PC.




Hey @darinhclark

as you can read here, .m4a files are not supported by this feature.

If you have Quicktime installed on your PC, you can import .mp4, but not .m4a files yet.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask 🙂

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