Profile display name after facebook deactivation

Profile display name after facebook deactivation


Hi everyone. Recently I deactivated my Facebook account, as I realized it's not useful for me anymore. Before that I chekced every application that I've logged in with FB and made myself sure it won't screw up anything, so I did with Spotify account. As far as I get it was that I'll just have to create password for my account.


And basically it worked. And here's "BUT". My name changed to numerical ID, and of course, there is no option to change that by myself. 


And here's question. Is there really not any option to do that? 


I have family premium account and I really don't want to create a new one - not because other members of my family as that will be easy for them to switch to another subscription but it's important for me to keep all recommendation schemas I've build over past few years, I really enjoy this system and I don't wan't to "discover" my long known artists again, I want to keep on going with something fresh and still can be recognized by friends, not only by avatar.


Is there a chance I don't have to be a number and keep my name? Support ticket? Anything?


Best Regards

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Hey @K42x thanks for reaching out to the community with your issue,


At this time once you remove your facebook from your account, the username is changed, there is nothing you can do to change your username at this time, but you can do 2 different things to fix this. Create a new account if your really desperate for a username change. Or relink your facebook account, and your username should change back. I get that it is frustrating that you cannot change it, as I have had a similar issue.


Let me know,

Jack 🙂


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