Profile name problem


Profile name problem


Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Device: iPhone XS

Operating System: iOS 12


My Question or Issue


I recently change my mobile device, and this has resulted in my profile name change to my Facebook alternative language name (in Russian, so quite different from the English). Nothing else has changed in terms of devices / OS. My name has now also changed on my iPad and MacOS clients.


I have deleted the alternative language name on my Facebook account (about 2 hours ago). I have tried disconnecting from Facebook & reconnecting, logged out & in, & reinstalled the software to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions?





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Re: Profile name problem


Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to change an account’s username. The closest you can get is to link your Spotify account to your Facebook profile so that your Facebook display name is the one shown on your account.

If you are really desperate to change your username, it is possible to create a new account!