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Profiles like Netflix so I can let my partner use my Spotify while driving?

Profiles like Netflix so I can let my partner use my Spotify while driving?

Premium member, is there way to do this so I can give my phone without all my personal search and history on there.


I guess I could create a free account to switch too but that seems unnecessary surely??



 know if Spotify is owned by Facebook it’s the kinda shady thing they would do to not allow this lol.)



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Can* not can’t in the title***


Hey there,

No, you can't have "profiles". However, you can share an account. So, I take it you have your Spotify linked to your Facebook account. It's possible to unlink it and connect it to a login which you can share. However, there are 2 possibilities to help out further.

1. you each take a premium account (or each create a free account), or take a family account (if you want to share with more family members).
2. You just configure Spotify on your partner's phone (which would log you into Facebook). Once Spotify is logged in you can log yourself out of Facebook on your partners phone and they can then use Spotify.


However, keep in mind that you cannot use the same account at the same time. So, if your partner is listening, you can't and vice versa. I had the same "issue" and eventually just went for 2 premium accounts 🙂 never looked back.


Good luck!


oh and Spotify isn't owned by Facebook. i think the facebook connection thing was back in the days when they connecting it to Facebook also helped Spotify with extra marketing to spread their brand.

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