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Qualified for Student Account But Keep Being Charged for Premium

Qualified for Student Account But Keep Being Charged for Premium

A few months ago, I signed up for the Spotify Student discount and sent my proof of enrollment. I got an email a few days later confirming that it went through and that I qualified for the discount. However, I keep being charged for the full premium price (9.99$ canadian vs. 4.99$). I thought that maybe it took a month to change over, but I think that there's a problem. I tried to go to my account and redeem the student discount again, but it said I already redeemed the discount. Did I skip a step in the process? Or is this unusual? 

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I’ve got the same problem



Hey @asapherk, welcome to the community!


If you received the confirmation email after validating the discount, you'll need to click the "Complete Purchase" button to add the discount to your Spotify account.


Once this is done, the discount will start automatically on your next billing date.


If you were previously paying for the discount and the account went back to the regular Premium, you might need to validate the discount again. Right now, you must verify your student details once every 12 months to keep it going.


All the best.

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