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Query about family plan

Query about family plan

I am interested in family plan for my 2 daughters have unlimited access to Spotify, but my daughters are few days a month with me and others with her mother. We live in the same city (Guadalajara, Mexico), but in different homes. The questions are: Can I purchase the Family Plan although my daughters are not with me every day? if the answer is yes... they Will use Spotify when stay with her mother?
Thank you for your answer

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Hi there,


For you to be able to add your daughters to your Premium for Family subscription, they must: 

  • Reside at the same physical address as you.
  • Be a Free user, or a Premium user who purchased their Premium directly from Spotify.

So, if they'll be spending time with you, feel free to invite them to your subscription. More info you'll find about the Premium for Family here

Heads up: Once they're added as a sub-account, they can use Spotify as a Premium user.

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