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Question about offline limit and multiple accounts on one device

Question about offline limit and multiple accounts on one device

I am aware of the 3,333 per device limit on offline songs.

If I were to purchase 2 premium accounts, would that essentially increase my offline library to 6,666 songs via changing users in the app?


What happens to the offline songs stored on the device when you change users?

Do they get wiped completely or will they still be there when you sign back in?


I own a 64 GB Ipod that for the most part is purely for music and 3,333 songs does not even begin to fill it by no means.

Why must I carry 3 devices to get my full allotted 10,000?

For many others, like myself, we seek the offline storage to reduce bandwidth costs on our mobile plans and/or cope with lack of available wifi/3g services.


With Beatsmusic and Rdio for example, I could download until by Ipod bursts.

AT&T offers Beatsmusic for 5 users at $15/month, making it $3 per user with unlimited offline songs.


The only thing that has kept me from switching is the desktop app for managing my playlists.

Creating large playlists is horrible using the IOs app or any web browser.

Should either of the two decide to create an app for playlists, it would be the last nail in Spotify's coffin for me at least.


If any Spotify employee does read this, I would suggest considering lifting the 3,333/10,000 limit before its too late.

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Hi @Allen-N and welcome to the community 🙂


The 3,333 per-device limit is also per-account, yes, so what you said would work.


The limit is in place due to licensing restrictions, and has been since Spotify started (pretty much). They would have to contact all the record labels they are partnered with, and have them all agree to change it for it to be changed.


I agree it is annoying (although I haven't yet wanted to download >3,333 tracks to a single device, I have wanted to download tracks onto more than 3 devices).



Unfortunately the ideas topic about this has been marked as not implementable at the current time


I'm always curious (for feedback), why do you feel you need more than 3,333 tracks? After all that is normally 9+ days of offline music.

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As I already explained, I have purchased a device capable of holding a music library with no need to compromise the contents.

I wish to download everything in its entirety once and never waste bandwidth(monthly caps) on streaming again.


I do agree 3,333 is not a small limit by any means, but I was able to reach rather easily after choosing 40+ Artists with multiple versions of the same song(Live, Acoustic, Remix, etc.).


As an electrician, one of the few perks of the job is the ability to listen to music throughout the day. In a sense it actually improves the quality of my work by keeping me focused, energetic, and happy. A large selection keeps the music from becoming repetitive over time. From the minute I enter my vehicle to the moment I walk back into my home, I almost always have music playing.

If you have ever had to travel out of state regularly, you would understand the hassle of poor radio reception or not even knowing which local station it is you would like. With the amount of time I spend listening to music, streaming becomes a costly endeavor.


Does Spotify intend to, when not restricted by current licensing contracts, match their competitors and allow true unlimited offline songs? As other companies have accomplished this feat, I would assume Spotify can do the same.


Basically, I want to continue to give you my business but someone else has an offer I am barely able to refuse. I do not ask more than what has been proven possible more than once.


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