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Question for the IT department


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I want to start by saying I'm VERY familiar with cyber security and how everything works. I have a degree in the field and have been around the work for a long time. There's no "FAQ" answer that will answer this thread because I know how to do all of that by heart. Instead, I have a question specifically for Spotify's IT department. Are you just collecting free money? Do you know what you're doing or is it simply a glitch? There are thousands of cases of random location logins with people who are not infected (including myself). I'm a new user on Spotify and either Spotify has let a vulnerability go for years (letting hackers steal all of your account information and use your accounts for free while you pay) or its simply a glitch that the programs coders have been too lazy to fix. Instead they let their customers fear of being compromised. So what's the answer? Is the IT department getting free paychecks without doing anything? Do you even check for vulnerabilities? or is it a glitch in the code?



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Hey there @thegodtitan!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


We can confirm that Spotify has not been compromised and our users' data is secure. We're sending out emails with info to our user so they can check for any irregularities on their account.

This is a precautionary measure so that our listeners can take the steps to protect their accounts as quickly as possible in case they notice something's off.


We appreciate you reporting this to us and we'd love to help you further. Could you let us know if you still get these messages after following the steps here?


Keep us in the loop. We'll be here if you have any more questions.

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