Radio not finding similar songs

Radio not finding similar songs

I've found a song that I love. But when I ask spotify to make a "radio" based on the song, the songs it gives me are nothing at all like it. Power by WOLF is indie/electronic/jazzy with a slow, powerful tempo, but the songs in the radio are heavy metal. 

I want more like this song. Help?

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Hey @thatredheadchic!


The radio is based on similar artists and the listening habits of the people that listen that artist. Just to confirm, is this happening on all devices or just the Web Player?


Try clearing the cache and cookies and let us know if it makes any difference.


Take care!


It is happening on all devices. I think what's happening is there is an
artist called "Powerwolf" that is a completely different genre and so this
specific song is getting thrown in with that radio. So I think it's just
not getting grouped with the right other songs.


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