Random devices connecting?


Random devices connecting?


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So as I was travelling a few days ago, I had my music stop on me as it had connected to someone else’s device, it was an unknown device/name and I wasn’t sure what else to do, so I turned my Spotify offline. I turned it back on earlier today and it happened once again, but from a new device/name. Not only that, but it seems to have wiped my saved music, playlists, everything, and made a single playlist and follow an account I never knew. What is happening? Have I been hacked? Am I able to get my saved songs back? 


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Sorry to hear this.

So first thing to do is go to your account page https://www.spotify.com/account/overview/. Then scroll down and click on account overview. Go to the bottom and sign out everywhere. Next go to change password and change it. Then go down to recover playlists and find the ones that have been deleted and get them back. Hope this helps. Likes are appreciated. If this is the solution please mark it as such. Have a great day