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Random playlist subscriptions appearing in my account??


Random playlist subscriptions appearing in my account??

Hi, so I keep noticing new subscriptions to random playlists each time I log into my account.  I am the only person that uses my account and I do not have it synced across any mobile devices.  I am the only one with access to the interface.  


In either case, I delete the subscriptions and then a few hours or sometimes days later a slate of new playlist subscriptions appears.  I obviously am not subscribing to these.  


Has anyone had this issue before?  Is it some kind of bug?   I changed my password, etc.. and the same thing still occurs!! What the heck??

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This isn’t an answer. I don’t get suggested, I get SEVERAL unwanted playlists ( not anything I would ever listen to). This has been going on for a while now. I can’t be the only one and SPOTIFY will lose 10%-15% of their accounts if your team doesn’t start listening to this problem. Far too many options in your business for you to SUCK...

I have the same issue and it freaked me out because I thought someone had hacked my account. So I logged out of all devices and changed my password. However, today I open my app and a new playlist popped up “This is: Queen”. I’m getting really irritated that I pay for this service and random playlists show up on my account. Everything below “Ashley’s Reggaeton” is what was added to my list of playlists.

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On the desktop version... I clicked on “APPS” on the left side of the window.


I noticed a number of apps that have access to my profile including Facebook, Alexa...... and a very curious app I don’t recal signing up for names “Artist Explorer”


the description for for the app says “this app will create playlist with related artists"


I just revoked access. Hopefully this will help.


it worked!it worked!

Where are these "APPS"?


edit: found it:

Did the solution and 2 weeks later it still added 6 new playlists 😞

FireShot Capture 8 - Your Library - Playlists - https___open.spotify.com_collection_playlists.png

Man, where exactly is that 'app' button? I just can't see it (using the desktop version)

I haven't approved any apps (as found under the "apps" menu) and I still get these random playlists.  This is really annoying!




Life Remixed and Global Clean 50 


For me every morning I find a lot of new playlists under my "recently played"
I don't know how they got there and it annoys me....

Nice Morning with Smooth Jazz

Morning Music

Sunday Morning Running Workout Session

Morning Mediation Music


And they're mostly the same....
I'm really annoyed by now,

Cause I just want to start my last playlist again, and not search for it for awhile.


I have no apps connected, I disconnected facebook, disconnected all devices and changed my password.

This fixed it for 2 days  and now the problem is back.

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