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Random playlist subscriptions appearing in my account??


Random playlist subscriptions appearing in my account??

Hi, so I keep noticing new subscriptions to random playlists each time I log into my account.  I am the only person that uses my account and I do not have it synced across any mobile devices.  I am the only one with access to the interface.  


In either case, I delete the subscriptions and then a few hours or sometimes days later a slate of new playlist subscriptions appears.  I obviously am not subscribing to these.  


Has anyone had this issue before?  Is it some kind of bug?   I changed my password, etc.. and the same thing still occurs!! What the heck??


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On the desktop version... I clicked on “APPS” on the left side of the window.


I noticed a number of apps that have access to my profile including Facebook, Alexa...... and a very curious app I don’t recal signing up for names “Artist Explorer”


the description for for the app says “this app will create playlist with related artists"


I just revoked access. Hopefully this will help.


it worked!it worked!

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I get the same thing. 


And I also tried to change my password, but I still get 3-4 random playlist subscriptions if I logout and re-login to my account.

This just started happening to me - terrible stuff too, nothing I'd choose to listen to. 

yeah I've been getting the same problems as well.

Same!  anybody find out what's happening here?

OMG, I am not alone anymore. Hooray. I do feel bad for you guys though, this **uh-oh** sucks. It/he/her/WHATEVER really has an awful taste and adds playlists I'd never ever listen to. Jeez.


Hello guys, I have a crazy weird problem yeah? I use my Spotify a lot, but lately I've been thinking that someone might have gotten his/her dirty hands on me details. Is freaking weird.


I come home from work all battered and just wanna put on a nice playlist and die in my bed(ugh) and ithis has happened to me twice now, see new playlists on the left side menu. It's really weird and awkard. I've changed the password a couple of times, searched through my computer etc. It gives absolutely no positives of any sort, I've searched with several different tools. I've changed to absolutely never used passwords and never ever showed them to anyone. And still there's several playlists added.


Is this some kind of bug or such? Please, help is needed.


PS. You should add a function to log out all activated sessions, but hey, if i change the password, shouldn't a window saying wrong password pop up on the other part then? (Gosh, this kinda makes everything so much worse. IS SOMEONE WATCHING? D:)



Corp - I've just merged your other post here, to make things a little neater.


I imagine you guys might be encountering a little playlist recommendation feature. It should look a iittle something like this (photo credit to hpguru)




Does this look familar at all? 

Airhorn Enthusiast

yup - that popped up for me yesterday and fingers crossed, no randoms since then!

No. I can't really say that I've ever seen that window ever. Can I do anything to conjure it? But that's weird, even if I had that window, would the playlists be automaticly ticked? That's just wrong man, really wrong. It should be set by default to unticked. But hey, i click through ... fast so i might have missed it. I mean, it is a very reasonable cause!


I got the same problem as you guys, so i contacted spotify, they have now answered and wonders if anyone know any of the names of the lists?? I just deleted al the lists, they wanted to check them out!

Please if you remember any of the names, write them so maybe we can stop this irretating bug!



Billboard top 200 is the only one I can remember.. I erased them as well.. too fast perhaps.


Anyhow, I've got the same problem with playlists added to my account, but I haven't seen that window with pre-nicked squares for albums; which seems to be the reason for most of the users experiencing the same problem. 


Random playlists from people I have not friended or followed appear in my left-nav section of playlists...How'd they get there?

mjadams - Just moved your post over to this more relevant thread. Have you seen the playlist recommendation box that David posted



I just started seeing this as well. As far as I Know my account hasn't been compromised. I change my password regularly, and don't log in on public computers.


I've been subscribed to:


Billboard Hot 100

Hipster Soul

RS Playlist


None of these did I subscribe to.


Edit: As far I know I didn't click on the playlist reccomendation engine. If I did, then it was accidental and went unnoticed. To my knowledge I've never seen that screen before. When would it normally pop up?

Mine are similar to "tevinanderson".


"While You Work" by efeghali

"Beach Trip" by jhsizemore

"Hipster International" by Sean Parker

"RS Playlist" by rsedit"



Playlists I never signed up for:


UK #1 Songs 1958 to Present by hoxsd

1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die by ulyssestone

Kanye West Samples by 125214440

Beach Trip by jhsizemore

RS Playlist by rsedit

Every Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee by hoxsd

Grammy Awards Record of the Year 1958 by hoxsd

Hipster International by Sean Parker

While You Work by Eli Feghali

Hipster Soul by hoxsd

Billboard Hot 100 by


I noticed this happening several months ago and haven't really figured out how to make it stop. I deleted the playlist "wepa" but I still keep getting notifications sent to my email and through Spotify that the person who made the playlist is adding tracks to it. It's incredibly frustrating, because I don't know who this person is and don't share her taste in music. 

i'm getting that too, and they're all full of rap and pop despite the fact that pretty much all i listen to is either metal, classic rock or progressive rock.


that said, they keep putting a workout playlist in there called "beast mode", perhaps they're trying to tell me something.

Have the exact same problem with beastmode etc. So annoying. Anyone know how to fix this? 

Having the same problem here. Appeared once a few weeks ago, I got subscribed to 4 playlists called "PLEASURE: " and then some genre I don't remember since I immediately removed them, logged off of all my devices and change my password.

Today I check again and I see that I'm subscribed to "PLEASURE: Good Vibes" by dapjs

this is one of the playlists of last time and I can't explain myself how this could have happened.

Any solutions?

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