Random songs for no reason: Solution (Probably my account was hacked)


Random songs for no reason: Solution (Probably my account was hacked)

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Hello! I wrote few months later about this because there is no information anywhere. I've had a premium account for about 3 years, and suddenly began to play itself randomly a certain kind of music, more specifically music of "Drill Beats" (I've never listen that artist or the music genre of it). This happened while I listened my music or not, it just changed in the middle of a song or suddenly anytime even if I was not listening to something but always when I was online. I tried to block that artist to me but Spotify has not an option for that, and the situation was annoying and  this problem happened randomly for days or minutes! Then one day I was just tired of that because I could not listen to my music even in my own house because obviusly I'm not offline there, and I just change the mail and password in the settings because  I have always logged in and I registered my account with facebook, although that profile has never been hacked but apparently someone did it on my spotify account.

That was the solution, just change the loggin information. 

And I'm so angry because on Spotify Wrapped says that I love Drill f** Beats, And I listened 14 hours of that in 2018!!

I hope if there is anyone of spotify support reading this, Block that account or do something because it was a super annoying.


NOTE: The artist "Drill Beats" has not information and the followers are apparently bots because those users do not have profile picture, any activity or coherent names just letters and numbers.


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Re: Random songs for no reason: Solution (Probably my account was hacked)

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Hey @Dgm3.


Welcome to the Community. That's not cool, let's see how we can help out.


If you have reason to believe someone's gained access to your account, we recommend you check out this article and follow the steps.


One of the last steps will get you in touch with the right teams. They'll be able to help!


Let us know how you get on. If you have any other questions, we're here for you.


Take care 🙂