Random songs showing up in my Recently Played list


Random songs showing up in my Recently Played list

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Whenever I check my recently played list, there are usually new additions to the list while I have my Spotify closed.  Usually they're from artists I've never heard of or they have super cheap album art.  I end up deleting them from the list but I should have started a list.  Here are some of the artists:


Israel Cipre - Sagaus

Dimension IV - Another Dimension IV

Picar de Rio - Beach Machine

Jolinder - Brain Scanner 

Esteban Tetismo - Bida


When you search for any of these rando artists and albums in google, they don't exist at all.  When you play any of the songs, it's all just unidentifiable music score.


I've gone to the "Someone has taken over my account" support page and done all the steps twice and still these mysterious artists keep showing up in my list.


I'm wondering if it's related to this article about hackers and access tokens.


Any tips or help would be much appreciated, it's a lil creepy they keep showing up in my recently played list.


Thank you





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Same issue here.  Most of the time it's just a bunch of random songs from fake artists in my recently played list and the now playing song set as one of them, which is annoying, but more recently, while actively listening someone kept changing the song i was listening to.  It was happening faster then someone should be able to do it, so I would put money on it being a bot.  I'm starting to feel like Spotify either has a bigger issue they themselves don't understand, or they are hiding the actual issue from us.  

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Hey there @madmojo,

thanks for posting !


As you already took the steps needed, i'd create a new account and contact support through this page and have them transfer all you data to the new one.


Have a great day 😃

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I'm just curious as to how that is possible.  I changed my passwords, unlinked devices...etc.


Today while listening I caught them trying to switch over to a different song.  I was listening to a playlist and it just abruptly muted itself but it was now playing some new song not on the playlist.  I checked what device it was connected to and it was just some Chrome browser, which i've never used to login.  They eventually gave up after a few more tries. 




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So I tried running my spotify almost a whole day just to see if any more mystery songs would get added to my Recently Played list and I noticed as soon as my Spotify stopped playing, more stuff I didn't listen to was added.   When I check the devices that are connected to my Spotify, they are only my phone and computer. 


They're all artists and albums that have no info on google when you search for them.  They don't exist.  They're obviously fake albums with fake generic song titles.   Is there anything being done about this?