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Ranodm device in Spotify Connect

Ranodm device in Spotify Connect

when I open Spotify there is always this random song playing that stops me from playing what I want to play. it says it is playing form some web player on chrome. but it's not my device. I tried logging out of all devices and changing my password but nothing worked. also when i try to pause it or play a different song it immediately goes back to this one.


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Hi Will,


Thank you for your question, I have not come across this before myself, but I will see if I can help you out.


  • Does this device have a name in the Spotify App or does show up as a string of numbers/letters?
  • Could you provide a screenshot of the mystery device?
  • Does logging out of this Spotify account and logging back in remove the connected device?


Also a clearing of the Appdata could resolve this issue for you:


For Mac Users:

1.  If you do not have hidden files set to display by default: in Finder, press the Alt/Option key to access the Library folder under the Go menu. If you do have hidden files accessible: in Finder, just go to the Library folder in your user directory.

2. Go the Caches folder and look for the com.spotify.client folder.

3. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Command + A.


For Windows Users:


1. Paste C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Spotify\ into the directory bar of Windows Explorer.

2. Delete everything inside the Storage, Data and Browser folders, but not the folders themselves. You can select all of the items by pressing Control + A.


Please do keep me posted on this one, as I would like to get it resolved for you as soon as possible.



so the device was called Browser Device(Chrome). But oddly I just went to get the screenshot for you and it was gone. So, I guess it just resolved itself but I will let you know if it comes back. 

Hi Will,

 Great news, I would say that it might be worth loading up Chrome to see if you can make it appear again.


Do you have a second user account on this computer or a second device in your home with which you access your Spotify account using the Chrome browser?

Same thing is happening to me too and it's really frustrating (see my screenshot).

I don't even recognize the music that is displayed as my "Recently played".


Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.



Hi Edna,


I have tested this out by logging into my account in the Chrome player in my browser, and upon closing the tab, the Listen to... option dissappeared.


How many devices are you able to sign in to Spotify on via a Chrome browser?


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