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Rather have real email account linked than fake FB account - please help!

Rather have real email account linked than fake FB account - please help!

I'm a paying Spotify user ... I currently have my spotify account linked to a fake FB account. I gave Spotify a fake FB account because it seems to reset its FB app permissions every time I log in to Spotify and so I can't control how much information is posted to my "real" FB newsfeed.


I've learned that Spotify will now let you create an account with just an email address. That's awesome news!! But I'm having some problems. 


At the least, I would like to hook a new Spotify account to my real email address, but Spotify notices that that email account is associated with a FB account and won't let me use it, without using my FB credentials. (I just temporarily removed that email from my FB account, in hopes that I'd be able to use it for Spotify. No dice. At least, not immediately. I'm hoping Spotify may poll FB for emails once a day or something and it'll eventually free up so I can use that email to create another Spotify account?)


But ideally, I would LOVE to just unlink my existing Spotify account from its fake FB account and hook up my real email address to it? I'm a software engineer - I *know* there has to be a way for this to be possible! (If not, someone designed lots of things wrong.) I'm hoping there will be some future integration (voluntary!!!) with google+ and would love to hook in my gmail address and may actually share spotify content there.


Please help. Want to upgrade to premium for offline and mobile use, but would love to get this sorted first.




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This has been discussed a lot but this simple option to totally get rid of facebook ain't possible.

You can disable the sharing in preferences, but if you want facebook totally out of your account - you need to create a new one.


If you want to use the same email, you have to delete that account first. This is also not that easy - works via the Contact Form.


To save your playlists before deleting your account just drag them to your desktop.

Thanks, I'll try to delete the Spotify account through the contact form and create another with my email address. 


(Perhaps the constant resetting prefernces wrt FB is because I'm using an older Linux client. The newer one (as of 3-4 months ago) crashed constantly for me. I should see if there's an update. It's great, though, that there is Linux compatibility at all! 😃 


Also, thanks so much for the tip about the playlists! I'll try that at work, on my Windows box.

If the linux client is giving you issues, you might want to give the beta web player a go, I have found it much more usable on my little linux netbook. 

Instructions how to get access are here.



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