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Re: Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself


Re: Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself

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This is the most confusing and user unfriendly service I have ever encountered.


Can someone contact me via email at [snip - email] to help me out?  My login is kjohnson3466.  I have tried posting to no avail.  My problem essentially is that I am being billed every month and not receiving the service.  I think that's illegal?


Thanks for your help.  i like the music but want to be able to listen how I am due.


I am being charged for premium but can access it mobile, and I get adds on my computer when I access it.




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Re: Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself

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I've moved your post into its own thread to make things easier. I suggest you delete your personal information unless you want lots of spam.


Use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated reply directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly (even though it says not to) to speed things along.

Re: Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself


Hi kjohnson3465 - Thanks for getting in touch. What's happened here is you made a second account via your FB. It was that account that was upgraded (not kjohnson3466). 


The best way to resolve this is get in touch via our contact form. If you receive an automated response just reply again. Thanks!