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Re-Recorded Music (Especially 1960's) Driving Me Crazy

Re-Recorded Music (Especially 1960's) Driving Me Crazy

I have a HUGE problem with Spotify being completely unreliable about whether the music I listen to or add to playlists is the ORIGINAL version or the RE-RECORDED version. Many times when I add a song to a playlist (most recently Unit 4+2's "Concrete and Clay") I will listen to the playlist only to find the file has been replaced with a re-recorded version. I'll then go and check that band's catalog and find that there is no longer ANY original recording there.


(For anyone who doesn't know: many bands- usually one-hit wonders- have gone back decades later and re-recorded their hits, presumably to try to recapture their success. For a music fan that's clearly not the version you'd want to listen to.)


The problem is, many songs on Spotify are actively labeled as the 're-recorded version,' but there's no guarantee that the songs labeled as the original are really the original. In other words, you have to dig through dozens of versions of The Marcels' "Blue Moon" labeled as the original to find the ONE version that ACTUALLY IS.


Is anyone else frustrated by this? I really want Spotify to do something to fix this.


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This has me seriously considering canecelling my premium membership. My first guess as to "why" is that the royalties are cheaper... and so often is the sound. 


So saying goodbye spotify!

Annoyingly what you often find is if you have the original in your playlist, then that content is removed (which is almost always down to the record label), to make as much of your playlist playable as possible, Spotify will re-link any removed tracks to the closest match it has in the catalogue which may be a re-released version of the same track.

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Tidal does it too. The thing that's frustrating me is I swear there are a ton (especially Era songs or 80's hits) of songs that when you listen the person singing sounds pretty close to original but there's just something there that's off. Music too. Just a few slight differences and it ruins it. Uts terrible. I was thinking the same thing maybe its cheaper to have someone else sing. As a former dj I definitely know my music and sonething isn't right. 

I download my own mp3s etc and NEVER stream music from these villains. They have corrupted original music forever. Listen to Radio Caroline. They are pure,  plus the added bonus of no news announcements or fake world stories! 🤫

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