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Recently Played Artists Not Updating while playing Playlists

Recently Played Artists Not Updating while playing Playlists



I know there was recently an issue with the Recently Played Artists section. I have noticed over the last few days that it does not appear to update when I am playing music from a playlist.  I am pretty sure it used to update no matter if I were playing straight from an album or from a playlist, so this is strange.

Thanks for helping to resolve

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Same, 3 days ago I had an update and my friends says to me "why aren't you listening music from 3 days?"

Yea and there is no my activity on spotify, but I can see all my friends listening to music, they can't see me. Why? I uninstalled spoti and installed again, loged out and loged in. 
No change. 
Tips? Maybe an update Spotify? But the normal one. Is anyone from the support looking here anyway? There is no possibility to contact them.

Are you listening to playlists only? I find that it's updating if I listen to an album but not otherwise. 

no matter, listening to playlists, to albums only. I can see all of my friends and people I follow, no one can see me. Listened 3 days ago. 

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