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Recently Played Artists not updating.

Recently Played Artists not updating.

It's been well over a week since it's updated. And most of the people on my recently played artists list are people I don't listen to at all...I think I was browsing a Spotify playlist to look for new music and the artists I listened to there (quite awhile ago) are primarily what I am finding in my recently played. Why won't it update, and how can I fix this?

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Hey @mariamaquarium welcome to the Community!


Which devices is this happening with? Your Desktop? iPhone? Both? 


Have you tried a quick clean reinstallation

Hi, Spotify 🙂


Why is it that my recently played artists list does not get updated sometimes for 2 weeks in a row? 

It happens on both mobile and dekstop.


Even worse now it switches back and forth between two various stages (what I have played appr.3 weeks ago and appr. one week ago). 


I have had this problem now for several months. I made a clean installation yesterday, but the problem still persists. It is really annoying. 


Thanks for your reply in advance 🙂



i reinstalled spotify and it won't update my recently played artists. 


i'm on a mac and an iphone

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