Recently played, playlists, followers, liked songs not mine


Recently played, playlists, followers, liked songs not mine

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I've just logged in and all the recently played are another user.

All the playlists are different (mine are still there but there are 10 other playlists of someone elses)

I am now following 73 random artists compared to a few of my friends previously. Mine are still there at the bottom below all these others


Something seems to seriously gone wrong like my accounts been merged with someone else


The user appears to be Heroldtop who created these random playlists that are now on my account (I'm going through deleting them though)


I have around 100 liked songs in the past day. My 2 remain from last year at the bottom. So whatever has been happening was just in the past day.



Also I changed my password earlier and new songs are still being added to Liked songs that are not me, what is going on????

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Hi @user-removed,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


If you notice suspicious activity on your account, I highly recommend following all the steps provided in this support article.


I also highly recommend reading this support article regarding how to protect your Spotify account as well. 


I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions.


Have a good day!

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Heroldtop did the same to me today hahaha.

A few moments ago in my library Ive found countless playlists filled with bad music all curated by Heroldtop.  Songs like "LED Light" sounding like a youtube tutorial background-jingle, alternated by metal or deathcore sounds, then mediocre, pop-ish newcomers and lastly, excruciatingly boring amateur techno. For real, Heroldtop's taste in music is dryyyyy. He listens to some whack music 😄 It seems that he continued his path of spooking inside peoples libraries and has now left his traces in mine too.

I suppose Heroldtop will not stop wandering around, spreading tasteless music and leaving many users scared and worried for their spotify-accounts.

Oddly enough, I've found that every song added by Heroldtop has the same amount of plays, all songs liked by him have more or less 100k streams. Certainly this is not a coincidence and I'd take a wild guess to say Heroldtop is part of a scheme to trick the spotify algorithm by finding leaked log-in data of peoples spotify-accounts to then unnaturally boost streaming numbers of musicians who pay money for such a service. BUT WAIT.

I've noticed all of those artists have very weird similarities (Silvester Alone, Monsora, BrendenMac,  Alfred Sinnister, Yellow Tune, and more). Apart from their bad names, they've all recently put out their first album (very badly made ofc.), and their album covers are soo similar, three of them even use the same font!! Their songs all have kinda the same amount of views.

The songs are very repetetive and sound the same, they almost seem to be composed by computers.

Very weird I cannot make sense of what is happening and what they are trying to achieve but interesting to witness.



Hey there @Ahsen615,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


We recommend checking and following the steps in the links @TreyAnastasio mentioned above.


We appreciate the time you took to check all of that info. We've made sure to report this to the right folks.


If you need a hand with anything else, give us a shout.



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