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Redeemed giftcard but...

Redeemed giftcard but...

Couple days ago I used a giftcard, however Spotify keeps telling me I am using Spotify Free which is clearly untrue.


I have reinstalled spotify on my work station clear cache, cookies, fluished dns but nothing changes. The commercials are really starting to get to me, I payed for spotify premium and have the right to listen to music without any commercial breaks.


Anyone else having this issue? Is there any help that Spotify can- and should be giving their paying customers.


Why is Spotify making it purposily difficult for anyone to complain about things when it comes to money? This is not customer friendly none the least. A community is all nice when it comes to regular questions and meet up with the community but subscriptions problems shouldn't be something the community should help a person out with this should be done by Spotify self.





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Hey there!


This is something our Accounts team needs to look into. Get in touch with them via this contact form, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.

We'll be happy to help you sort this out.

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