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Refund for Premium service

Refund for Premium service

I recently bought the premium sevice for 9.99 for 3 months. Thought this was a good deal. I bought it the other day. Well i logged in today to see that the same plan is now 0.99 for 3 months!! I would like to take advantage of this deal! I have been a loyal spotify supporter so I was wondering if I could receive a refund so that I can use this new deal instead???

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Even if you get a refund you won't be able to subscribe to the new offer because is only for people who never had Premium before.


If you want a refund, you need to contact with Spotify Consumer Support filling this contact form.

If you receive an automated email that leads you back to the community or help pages, reply to it (even if it's from "no-reply") and one of the Spotify team members will get back to you as soon as possible.




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