Intrigued by the "Premium for Family" option, I went check it out and in 3 clicks Spotify had taken $18 of my money because they already had my details saved from my premium subscription which they sneakily noted in small black print above a big bright button that takes your money. I immediately switched back to a premium account but it says I must remain on the Premium for Family account for another week when I will then be charged another $11 to go back to my old Premium account.

I truly feel this is a sneaky money grab and wonder how many others have made this easy mistake and been too deterred by the hard to contact Spotify staff to say anything.


I want my $18 back and would like to suggest an "are you sure?" step after clicking the "start my premium for family" button. 

You are losing my trust Spotify! Please refund my money so I can continue happily as a premium Spotify user.

Sincerely, A Skeptical User

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Hey, thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


Please get in touch with Spotify via the contact form. Their support team will be able to take a look at your issue and you'll hear from them shortly.

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