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Remove Facebook Login

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I signed up for Spotify using Facebook, but no longer want to use it to login. Since I have a Spotify username, I would simply like to create a Spotify password. How do I do this?  Thanks.

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Hello @elviss, welcome to the community!


There is no way to disconnect completely from Facebook if you created an account using that. You would need to create a new account here using your email, then you can have your playlists transferred to the new account and have your old account deleted by using this form, if you get an automated reply, just reply directly to that email (even if it is from a no-reply). :)  

Hope this helped :)

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Re: Remove Facebook Login

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You could also try this page. Set password, then log in with the given username and the password you create.

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will my paid account get transfered to the new account if I delete to old?