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Remove link to facebook

Remove link to facebook

Oh no, somebody logged in with their facebook account on my computer to view their own playlist. But that linked my spotify premium account permanently to another ones facebook account. AND there is NO WAY to disassociate the two accounts. How on earth can I remove the facebook link?

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It's under Edit->Preferences, click on "Disconnect from Facebook" under Social Network. If the button doesn't appear, log out and log back in with your spotify username and password.

That does not work, the button is simply not there, shows Connect to facebook... For split seconds, my real username is shown in the top corner, but then it switches to the wrong facebook user again (which is not me!). Plus, I get the red bar "Failed to enable Spotify social" all the time. Should it make any difference, I use both OSX and Windows, but there is no difference. The problem must be in some setting stored online I can't change/access.


There must be another way than to kill the account...

I've just taken a look at your account and it doesn't appear that there is a Facebook account connected at all...
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That is strange, because there is another persons name and facebook logo in the top right corner... And the Failed to enable Spotify social banner.


And it appears on every spotify desktop client on different computers.

I have the same problem. My mother used my account and now her picture, name and friends at FB show up when my boyfriend tries to add me as a friend in Spotify. It looks like he´s adding my mother and not me. I have tried to disconnect from FB but nothing changes. I don´t have a Facebook-account myself and I DON´T want one! (I Used Spotify before the facebook-rule).

What should I do?

I had the same problem but I managed to get rid of the red bar "Failed to enable Spotify social"  and my firend's name in the top right corner by going to edit- preferences-  and deselect "share my activity on spotify social"

Maybe my problem wasn't exactly the same as what dessiluu described.

I don´t have a red bar in my own Spotify. Everything looks fine there.

It´s when my friends try to search for me inside Spotify with: "Spotify:user:xxxxx". They do find my account, so far so good, but it shows up as belonging to my mom. It´s her name and even her picture showing as the "owner".

This must come from her facebook, and I can´t change it because I don´t have a facebook account of my own.

You would think that there would be an option here on Spotify´s webpage where I could write my name and so on, but it doesn't seem to be that way. Using facebook should not be forced on to people!

Someone help me please! My Spotify premium is currently linked to my Facebook, and I want to get rid of FB desperately! I went under Preferences in my Spotify and did not see any link to remove there another way?!?!

@Valerie18 - Follow the steps in this tutorial to disconnect your account from Facebook. If you would rather someone at Spotify do it for you, there is a link to get in touch near the top 😉 



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I am having the same issue.  I have a premium account (and no facebook account).  My wife has Facebook and not Spotify premium account.  Somehow her Facebook-linked non-premium account merged with my non-Facebook Spotify premium account.  I unconnected Facebook via Edit->Preferences, and logged out, and her Facebook profile still has overtaken my account.  Please help!  Thanks in advance.

Hey @nsicilia - your account with the username nsicilia currently has no Facebook connection so any connection you're seeing now should disappear soon.


Your wife will probably need to get in touch here so our our support team can get her reunited with her original account. If she gets an automated response, reply back to it directly.


For common support questions, see
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Adam--thanks.  Do you know how long it will take for my account to disassociate/de-merge from my wife's?  Because as of now, I am not connected to Facebook (and never was since I don't have an account), but when I log in to Spotify (whether on an iphone, ipad or computer), my wife's FB picture and account takes over mine.  For example, it states that she is the author of all of my playlists.  Can you please help?  Thanks.

It should normally vanish on its own within 24 hours.

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Thanks.  It's been about 20 hours so far, and no change unfortunately.

Come on Spotify. If you offer me the choice to log in with either Facebook or email and password, and I decide to do email, how dare your system then text me a Facebook log-in code. No permission granted to receive that, and clearly an issue for many others finding Facebook is magically linked to Spotify. In what reality does a user choosing to use the same login details on Spotify as Facebook give Spotify permission to access Facebook? Allow Spotify to stand-alone, not connect in some odd underhand way to Facebook.

Spotify offer two login systems, I think there might be a little confusion here about how to login.

If you have a Spotify account created using your email address (non-Facebook), you need to login using your unique Spotify username and your Spotify password - not your email address.

If you have a Facebook created Spotify account, you need to login with your Facebook email address and password.

Logging in via an email address on Spotify will always authenticate via Facebook.

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Thanks - this is helpful. I entered an email address as the username as I wasn't sure the username I had saved in Spotify, and for many websites a username can also be the email address. The key point here is I explicitly chose not to select the log-in with Facebook option - entering my email address doesn't therefore give permission for Spotify to authenticate via Facebook. There should be a different workflow i.e. letting the user know the log-in isn't an email address, a username prompt/reminder service, similar.

Not sure what it says for you, but on my clients login screen it does clearly say "Facebook email or Spotify username" in the first box on the login screen?

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I have

- login with Facebook
- Username and password

Nothing about Facebook email

This was the iPhone app

When I used email address rather than mrt32123, it activated the Facebook login and I received a text message with a code number.

For me it's the principle of not connecting with Facebook as I didn't select that option - irrelevant whether or not I used the same email account and password for Facebook as I did with Spotify. That's my choice... and how did Spotify know what my Facebook email and password was in the first place...

I'll know to use my specific user name now, just not keen to see subtle integration without explicit user consent. Feels like others have the same view from other forum comments I've read

Thanks for all your help

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