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Removed a track from "titles" from "Library" by mistake

Removed a track from "titles" from "Library" by mistake

User from France,

Devices : Linux mint Laptop and Android Phone


I removed a track (or 2) by mistake from "titles" from "Library" and I can't find a way to find it back. I don't know the titles of the track(s). I watched in the history but I don't see tracks that are read from the library, only playlists. my track was not in a playlist yet. also looked at the "recover playlist" from website but same as history, only playlists seem to appear. Also tried ctrl-z but nothing happened. Any idea please ?


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Hey @Chagam.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


If you want to recovey any saved music that you've removed from Your Library which isn't a playlist, then you'll have to reach out to our Customer Support team here. They'll be able to help you recover those songs, provided you can tell them roughly when you removed them.


Hope that helps! Let us know how you get on 🙂

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