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Repetitive Radio Station based on Starred playlist

Repetitive Radio Station based on Starred playlist

I've only been signed up to Spotify for a few days and like the concept but mainly signed up to discover new music based on what I already like.


I have 200 songs starred now, but whenever I start the Radio station based on my Star list it plays the same songs, almost as if the calculation is refreshed each time I start the radio. This is a little disappointing, is it not possible to put some rules in like "If song was skipped within the first 10 seconds, don't play it randomly  for a week" or something?

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Sorry to hear the radio function isn't performing how you would like.

Before we offer suggestions of how to help fix this, I just have a couple of questions:

- Do you find that the same tracks are playing in the same order?

- Have you been using the 'Thumbs Down' feature when you hear a song you aren't fond of?


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