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Rogers/Spotify: activation not established

Rogers/Spotify: activation not established

Hello, I am a new Rogers Wireless client and have already had Spotify for years. I connect to it through my Facebook login. So I have 2 years free of Spotify with my new Rogers plan. When I attempt to activate Spotify on myrogers account, it asks me to login to Spotify, which I do (through facebook), but it just keeps looping me back to this login page and my Spotify does not become activated. I cancelled the subscription through iTunes and everything. Rogers told me this problem is on Spotify's end and not their's. This is extremely frusrating. I do not want to make a new Spotify account because I will lose all my music and playlists. PLEASE HELP. I am so frustrated with Rogers!!!! Please someone help me to correct this problem. 

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Hey there @sumandeepguram and welcome to the Spotify community!!


That is odd. Have you tried clearing out the cache/cookies in your browser or opening an incognito window and then trying the process again? If it persists, try through another browser as well.


Let me know how this worked!



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