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Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)


Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)

I have never had an issue with my Roku Spotify app before. I am running it on multiple Roku devices (a Roku 3 and Roku streaming sticks). As of today, I opened up the app on the Roku streaming stick and there was no playlist option - just "search" and "what's new". All of my playlists have gone. I am able to view them just fine from my phone app. I uninstalled the Roku app and reinstalled but still no playlist option. Help!!! I have tried the same on my Roku 3 and it still does not have an option to view playlists.

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To say I am really pissed off is a gross understatement.   I have 4 Roku boxes and a big reason I went with Spotify was to use my playlists I created, through those boxes.  I'm not going to go buy 4 android boxes, or some other equivalent boxes, to work around this.  It looks like Spotify will be losing a lot of customers.  And after all the effort I went through to switch from Rdio to Spotify...

I am now having this exact same issue! I don't know what to do!

Me too. I'm about to cancel my Spotify Premium account.

This is mostly how we use Spotify. Without playlists, I am unwilling to pay. Come on guys. I'd rather not cancel, but this isn't worth the  money.

Yeah this is ridiculous. The spotify app on the Roku is terrible and has always been the one to give us the most trouble. We love our Roku in other respects so if Spotify can't resolve this, I'll be happy to drop my subscription.

And still no playlists and no official response...

What a waste of money.

This is BAD! I've had Spotify for years. This might be the last straw.

I just cancelled my subscription. Playlists on the ROKU app was the only thing that distinguished spotify from the others. It was the sole reason I subscribed. The APrime app sucks but at least I get free movies and 2 day shipping on AP items.

OK, at least it's not me.  I noticed a couple days ago that my playlists are gone via Roku.  Fortunately at home I have a Sonos system, and can run them through those speakers.  But you're right....what am I paying premium for?

Today I subscribed to Spotify Premium.


I use Roku 3 and 2 sticks with excellent results with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu plus, Pandora Premium and about 10 other apps. But not the Spotify app. Spotify seems to work well on my iPhones and iPad and PC's. My serious music listening is at home with Roku and a well equipped sound system.


The Spotify Roku app is dated looking, amateurish and does very little. It is obvious that it has not been thought out. It is a completely counterintuitive interface, using little of Roku standard functions. Worst of all it works very poorly, is the only app that for no reason hesitates, buffers etc. Playlists are inaccessible etc. The search function is very clunky and tedious.


This may be a dealbreaker. Although Pandora does not have as much music available, at least it is fully accessible on Roku.


Please confirm that you have something that works properly coming soon, or you might lose another subscriber.



Same issues.. commented on Twitter how 'basic' their tv and roku3 app was in compassion to Netflix and Plex. Note there is not one at all apparently... Dropping premium after I'm down this msg.

Same here to all of this. Can we at least get a Spotify person to tell us if the Playlists feature is gone for good now or if this is just a glitch?

I stream Spotify on my LG blu-ray player. Roku has been unreliable.

Wow - just wow! I can't believe no progress has been made on this! 

This has happened to me also. One of the big reasons I use Spotify. If I can't use it in Roku I might as well switch to Apple Music

We noticed ours did the same thing a few months back after an update on Roku but like the first poster, today more options are missing and there has been no new update. The app is fine on our phones and computers. I'm kind of bummed and hope it's resolved soon.

SO WACK this roku app is so basic - 

PANDORA is doing MUCH better

Playing my music through the roku makes a big difference for my tech set up in my apt, and yes, without a real spotify option through roku, i may just switch back to pandora and/or at least cancel my spotify premium account.

*AND - even when I just try to play certain artists - the option to play ALL their music is GONE - and I have to choose just ONE album at a time.  


There's no reason it shouldn't be able to offer all the same things it does via computer.

Not using it anymore

I've deleted the POS roku app after giving it a single star.

Nobody cares about your LG blu-ray. We are talking about Roku

The only reason I pay for Premium is for my Playlist on Roku. Going to have to cancel.

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