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Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)


Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)

I have never had an issue with my Roku Spotify app before. I am running it on multiple Roku devices (a Roku 3 and Roku streaming sticks). As of today, I opened up the app on the Roku streaming stick and there was no playlist option - just "search" and "what's new". All of my playlists have gone. I am able to view them just fine from my phone app. I uninstalled the Roku app and reinstalled but still no playlist option. Help!!! I have tried the same on my Roku 3 and it still does not have an option to view playlists.

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Deezer looks as good as Spotify on a PC. It is supposed to be supported by ROKU in Canada, but I can not find any Deezer channels with any of my 3 ROKU devices. If there was a channel available, I would cancel Spotify immediately. Did Deezer discontinue Roku support? See below.



I couldn't find Deezer on my Roku either, so I still have the problem of streaming through my Receiver/television. I don't know who is responsible for the Roku app (Roku or Spotify?) but I wish they could fix it so we can access the My Music tab to get to playlists and albums I have saved.

I just received confirmation from Deezer - they do not support ROKU in Canada (nor the US). In conclusion - there is no proper music streaming app for ROKU. Spotify is crippled, Deezer is not supported at all (nor is Apple Music, of course), Pandora, though supported is not a full featured service. In addition Amazon Prime Video service is available in Canada, though it does not work on ROKU, though it is supported by everyone else including Samsung Smart TV etc.

It might be time to dump my 3 ROKU (and Spotify) devices and get AppleTV 4 new release Sept. this year and Apple music (same cost as Spotify). Interesting that Apple TV now supports even Amazon Prime.

Deezer is supported in the UK, got it playing on my Roku 3 now. Amazon Prime Video is also supported, I'm a Prime subscriber. Roku not having our playlists anymore is still poor

This is pretty ridiculous that Spotify can't solve this problem. It's not a very difficult one to solve. This post was made in March, and there have been zero updates or solutions to the problem. Can something finally be done to solve this? 

Is this still being worked on? Is there an anticipation of it actually being fixed? I don't understand the benefit of paying for Spotify if I can't access my account, my songs, my playlists, etc on another preferrred device. We all might as well stop paying just to have it on our phones or one other device then....

My playlists are no longer an option either on Roku - neither is search option under artist or albums - only tracks - this is no good


Everyone seems to agree that the lack of playlists is a a serious problem, but if you look more closely at the search function I think you can search for artist, not sure about album. I think that somewhere albums appear as well. I have not used it lately, as I am in the process of moving away from Spotify and ROKU.


Spotify seems unconcerned about the playlists etc, and I have seen where they make lame suggestions like "well, you can airplay from your device". Well, you can't air play from say an iPhone or iPad to ROKU, only to AppleTV. Besides, air play degrades quality of the music. This is a Swedish company and should be able to do a lot better, considering Sweden's stellar reputation - at least in the past. Your apps for other devices are good, only the ROKU app is not.


Come on Spotify lest competitors start eating more of your lunch. Huddle with ROKU and work out a solution before it is too late - for both companies.

The playlists are an issue, I wish they would sort it, but I can cast from my phone or laptop to my Roku 3. Typically now I use Bluetooth to play on my Bluetooth speaker(s) or to my Sony HT-XT1 speaker base. Or ask Alexa to play my Spotify playlists on my Amazon Echo.

Still it was nice using Roku to play them through my TV and Sony speaker base, connected to the tv by optical cable.

What's the update here Jacob?

These poor bastards(me included) find out you guys pulled the playlists from a forum, not months before they purchased four rokus for their whole home when spotify had support. I love how you jerks take features away, act like its coming back for a few months then everyone realizes they've been duped by you charlatans with no programming skills for multiplatform.


Been using spotify premium for years. VERY inconvenient to lose this functionality. PANDORA is sitting one click over, and it works perfectly....


PLEASE figure it out, update us with progress, and restore full use to the ROKU app. This is a little ridiculous.



Just tried Amazon music - the android app so far has given me everything I
got from Spotify - haven't tried Roku... Spotify, if you're listening, I
WANT TO SUPPORT YOU. I *HATE* the idea of sending extra money to Amazon -
I'd rather keep sending it to you, but if I can get the features you used
to offer from your competition, it's the only option.

Problem with Amazon is I cannot connect it with my home entertainment center like with the Roku box. You need Bluetooth speakers or have to stream wireless to the receiver somehow. I have Amazon Music on my phone and can use it with the aux connector in my car but not in my house where I have multiple speakers, even speakers outside.

This is ridiculous. The Playlist feature is what makes Spotify different and better than other music apps like Pandora, etc. Maybe we should all cancel our Premium subscriptions. That might get their attention!

This is ridiculous. To make matter worse, I just found out that they no longer have an app on Visio TV's either...other streaming options are looking really attractive right now. 

I wonder why they are shooting themselves in the foot like this.

They are focusing on trying to be Pandora but are failing since they don't
get what makes Pandora work. Best thing they can do is buy Pandora and use
their algorithm instead of their sad excuse for a radio and API. They put
mild effort into building up the artists which they could easily do by
allowing stores for merch and the purchase of tracks for free users who
want offline access and ad free areas which would also supporter the

Above all they have undone anything unique like the lyrics integration
which could have easily been made into a mild karaoke mode. And they are
always late to the game with apps for various platforms and when they do
come out,like with Xbox, they are featureless shadows of the desktop app.

Definitely upset with this new “feature”. Paying a monthly premium for fewer options is not a way to keep your customers satisfied, and I am definitely someone who will stop using a good (now demoting to acceptable) product out of principle. Fix it, or lose another customer.

I just finished hooking up both of my sound systems (in my theater room and my living room) and was shocked when I loaded the Spotify for Roku apps on my systems. What a bummer. I canceled my Spotify account and am moving to Pandora. Really unfortunate and quite shocking. I assumed that the Spotify app would far exceed the Pandora app -- I was shocked to discover that the FREE Pandora app is far better than the paid version of Spotify. I'm really disappointed and was more than happy to pay for Spotify Premium until I discovered this. By the time they fix their Roku app, I'll likely have put so much work into building my new playlists that I'll likely not ever switch back. I'm going to do some research and see if there are any other streaming music services that have excellent Roku interfaces.

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