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Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)


Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)

I have never had an issue with my Roku Spotify app before. I am running it on multiple Roku devices (a Roku 3 and Roku streaming sticks). As of today, I opened up the app on the Roku streaming stick and there was no playlist option - just "search" and "what's new". All of my playlists have gone. I am able to view them just fine from my phone app. I uninstalled the Roku app and reinstalled but still no playlist option. Help!!! I have tried the same on my Roku 3 and it still does not have an option to view playlists.

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It's been months now since I first launched my complaint against Spotify.
Will never return. Absolutely pathetic service. I'm with Deezer now which
is better in every way.

I tried to try out Deezer, but it won't let you try it without signing up for free trial of Premium. Isn't there a free version with ads? Also, does it work with (Roku)? Can you use it on your computer and if so, does it sync with mobile devices? Thanks.

I'd also like to try something else out. Looks like this problem has been here for almost a year, and they haven't done anything about it. Surprise surprise.

The Roku Spotify app is a steaming pile of garbage. It looks like something a high school kid would make for a class project. What's more, after reading posts in this forum it appears the app was once usable. Why on earth would you, Spotify, destroy an app that works? And why, after so many complaints, do you not fix the app? It is so unusable that it might as well not exist. I'm sure you don't read these forums, though, so I'm probably just yelling into the wind. 


I am so disappointed in this action by Spotify to remove the ability to play playlists on my Roku player with their lame excuse concerning “technical challenges”. What a complete lie, you are telling me that services like Hulu, Netflix, ... can stream on demand video and Spotify can’t figure out how to sync music playlists?? Such a disappointment in an otherwise very enjoyable service. Rethinking of my commitment to the company after this lackluster, lazy, and cheap response to an issue.

Same problem here. Now October, five months after a promise to fix on these forums and on a tech support call. Pandora, Amazon, Slacker all work far better than Spotify and it's a pain to use AirPlay to feed Spotify into my home system. I already have Napster, which isn't represented on Roku, so I really don't need two music services that are virtually the same and not on Roku.

I'll be saying goodbye to Spotify soon.

This is not serious Spotify, we pay for a service we expect yout o resolve this situation

how long will it take to fix this glitch?

I don't need no stiking badges, just fix the problem.... Also fix the keyboard sensitivity, it's ridiculous....

I think they're not going to. Not worth the effort to them?

The removal of playlists from the app make the Roku version of Spotify very unappealing. Hopefully will be readded because as of now, it’s not worth using on my Roku which was why I downloaded the app in the first place. So I didn’t have to use a speaker! Boo

We all totally agree.mBut Spotify doesn’t seem to care.

We just purchased a Roku enabled TCL Smart TV and the Spotify app is super primitive. Seems like this would have been better engineered before it was released.


Spotify no longer works with (Roku). They don’t seem to care or are interested in fixing their software. We’re all very disappointed and looking for another streaming service.

How is this not fixed yet?  You have loyal customers who have been complaining since March. Get it together. This is ridiculous. Come up with a way to fix this or just update the channel. That simple. 

Got my new Roku and I am disappointed too. I was really looking forward to finally unifying my streaming media on one platform.


The disappointment stems from a complete lack of communication from Spotify.


At least have the common courtesy to communicate, even simple, status updates to your customers. If you are not going to fix this issue, just let us know.


I love your service and would hate to vote with my dollars. 


Please, Just Communicate.


I've been a loyal premium member for over 2 years and I'm astounded at the lack of customer support for this issue. The Spotify app for Roku is BEYOND USELESS and needs to be fixed!

I have also, like so many others here,  considered going back to Pandora (yuck!). I love my playlist and the fact that I can't stream it through my Roku Spotify app is absolutely ridiculous. You have my money. Now fix your app! 

Still not fixed?  Pandora is looking more attractive...

I agree but there is some exciting news. Google has just announced it will come out with a new music streaming service that will be partnered with YouTube. They say it will surpass Spotify, which unfortunately is at the top right now. I just hope this new music streaming service will work with Roku. Then it will be bye bye Spotify for me. By the way, Spotify is advertising a discounted annual price of $99 - don’t do it. I want to be able to cancel as soon as I find a comparable music streaming service that works with Roku AND has a customer service that listens to its customers.

In the meantime, it’s Pandora for Christmas music this year.

This is REALLY frustrating. "Technical issues?" Still? Come on, Spotify, you folks can do better than that. Considering dropping our premium family account now, since it's totally useless in my living room. 

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