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Rules regarding suspicious streaming.

Rules regarding suspicious streaming.

Since some people have had accounts deleted for streaming certain tracks or artists an unusual number of times, will someone please tell me what "unusually high streaming is?"   For example, is it listening to a song hourly like on top 40 radio or is it listening to a song repeatedly for 10 times  now and then because it puts my daughter to sleep? Or are we talking about a couple of thousand non-stop plays of the same song?  Some guidance would be helpful.  It would allow us to build playlists and manage playback to avoid losing our accounts.


Might a suggest simply pausing playback from your end when a certain track/artist becomes overplayed.  Perhaps require human intervention via a "confirm" button on the customers part to continue streaming so you know it is not a glitch or computer left on.


Thanks for you help.

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Hey there, thanks for posting. We can't discuss specific details around this in the Community but if you received an email from us about this, feel free to reply to it with any questions - those guys will tell you as much as they're able to.


If you wanted to contact support directly, get in touch here and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. If you get an automated response, reply back to it directly.


For common support questions, see
To judge my musical taste, check out my

What the hell?

If I like handzup, I can't play it on repeat??? Is this joke or what?

I listen Spotify all day every day FOR MANY MANY HOURS!


And this track on repeat for hours sometimes 😄



Is this not suggested to listen favorite music on repeat? Is this an reason why repeat one is still unavailable ??? If someone ban me from listening my favorite music on repeat, I change back to YouTube, they don't care at Google 😄

I’ve passed out and woke up and a song was on repeat cause I was stealing Eminem’s rhyme scheme lols . Why let us repeat if it’s not allowed. Gtfoh! Raise ur streaming pays and then be dicks 

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