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SMS Serviceinfo scam?

SMS Serviceinfo scam?

Hi, I got this SMS in Norwegian saying "NB! Du har ikke aktivert dine 180 dager av Spotify Premium 

- Aktiver:"

Stupid as I am I tried it by typing in the info several times, but it just failed every time. What is this though? Should I be worried?



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Hello @MinniHowl, welcome to the Community!

This is supposed to be a Spam message.

Please change your password as soon as possible to prevent theft of your personal account.


Have a nice day 🙂

I didn't give any password to my accunt though. Do I still need to? because I'd rather not if I can avoid it

Hello @MinniHowl,

I read wrong in your first post. No, you don't have to do anything if you haven't entered your infos 🙂

I entered my name and my card and stuff, but when I tried to submit it just said failed and to try again. You think that means my name, mail and card is all safe?

I think you should call your bank and block your credit card because the infos you entered are not safe anymore.

Your Spotify account is safe as you have not entered any details, but you entered your credit card number so you're not safe at all.


Hope this helps.


I also got this sms, twice. Didn't click.

But how come they have my number?

How can I be sure that my other personal information is safe in my spotify account if my phonenumber comes from there?

Regards, HH 🙂

Same situation, same question!

I just got another one.. didn’t click this time, but yeah. Just putting it here for further notice if it can help with the case


Got another message form "Spotify". It is obviously a scam, but I would still like to report it. 


Got the same texts. The first message was January 3rd but today I actually got the text saying my account was expired. What I think is odd is that this happens the day after my spotify premium is expired. So if this is just random or if they actually know if my account has premium is my big question. I haven't opened the links in the texts since it's obviously scam. 

I got the same about my account being expired today (see above reply), but my Spotify premium doesn’t renew until the 25th, so in my case I don’t think it’s related.

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