SOLUTION: How to fix Canvas not working on iPhone in U.S.

SOLUTION: How to fix Canvas not working on iPhone in U.S.






iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 14.2


My Question or Issue

I have seen a lot of posts from users not being able to get the Canvas feature to work on mobile either because it randomly disappeared at some point or maybe they never had it and still don't have the option in settings to activate it. I too suffered from this problem. I love Canvas, but around June-July 2020 it disappeared on my device and I attempted to fix on/off for months to no avail. Spotify's best answer has been to transfer your data to a new Premium Account, but that seems ridiculous given how the problem/bug persists and functions, which I will get into in more detail below. Here is how to solve the problem once and for all, simply follow these steps:


1. Log out of Spotify on all devices. You can do so by visiting this link ( and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Make sure you are logged out on your Spotify Mobile App once you have done this.

2. Restart the mobile app, then wait 10 seconds.

3. Open your mobile app and login. On the top right corner of the "Home" tab on the mobile app, check Settings > Storage and clear your cache. Wait until this completes.

4. Restart the mobile app again, then wait 10 seconds.

5. Open your mobile app and logout, then log back in.

6. Log out once more, then create a new temporary free account using a different email. Once you are logged in to your new account, on the top right corner of the "Home" tab on the mobile app, check Settings > Playback and scroll down to make sure Canvas is there (it should be enabled as a switch on the bottom of the page).

7. Now log out of your temporary account and, sign into your main account.

8. Check Settings > Playback and Canvas should now be enabled just like how you saw it on your temporary account.

9. If Canvas does still not appear, restart the mobile app.

10. Open the mobile app and logout. Turn off your iPhone.

11. After 30 seconds, turn on your iPhone, login to the mobile app, and Canvas should appear and as enable in Settings > Playback.


Voila! I have no idea why this works, but it worked for me and a friend who had the same problem. And it doesn't require you to uninstall the app or create a new premium account. Unfortunately I do not know if this problem works on Android or on phones outside of the U.S.


The reason I decided to get to the bottom of this was because in an earlier attempt to figure out how this problem persists, I had a friend login to my account on his iPhone. Canvas worked just fine. I had also just created a new, free account on my phone that also worked just fine. So the problem had to be a combination of my specific account + my specific device. Funny thing is, when my friend logged back into his own account, he had now also lost the Canvas feature that was working fine on his account just moments ago. How does this even happen? You tell me. But I was furious so I tried all combinations of things until this actually worked. How could this possibly be programmed with such impossibly complicated bugs? Who knows. Whatever - I fixed it! I hope no one else has to suffer from as much frustration as I have. Cheers!

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it’s only temporary as soon as I restart the app I lose it again


Hey @user-removed and @Ryztol


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 

The canvas feature isn’t always available everywhere and this might be the reason why it's not available to your Spotify account.  


We constantly work towards making all the Spotify features available in as many places as possible, so if canvas isn’t currently available in your region it might become available in the future.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. 


it works perfectly on a new account but not on my main 

Thanks, It actually works! And I’m in Sweden, not the U.S. 🙂


thanks! it doesn’t work!


This worked fine temporarily but mow canvas is gone from both accounts.

Hi, i`m from Costa Rica, and have a family premiun subcription, an iphone 11 that runs on ios 15,1.

Recently, I realize that my husband have an option for view animation on the principal screem of each song!!!! I was surprises that i didn´t have it.

I don´t have the canvas option on my app. I read that is a comun issue; i tried to reinstall several times the app, but it didn´t work.

Can you help to resolve this issue?

Thnaks for your help!!!!


Why doesnt Spotify fix this… it is insane to go these lengths…


I just want the canvas and it's option to show again in my account, please Spotify let me opt-out of your "feature" testing

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