SPOTIFY ARTIST : related artist on spotify


SPOTIFY ARTIST : related artist on spotify

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Hi we're an independent band. We want to know how to get unlocked the artist related option.


We've tried for months, from getting 250 followers, to getting all our songs in at least 1000 streams, but we've tried so hard to see what other artist people listen to and still we have no results.


It's quite frustrating since some other artist has less followers or streams and still have this option available





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Hey @Karensgi22,


The Fans Also Like tab on your artist profile is determined by algorithms, using a combination of your fans' listening habits on Spotify and music discussions and trends happening around the internet.


Since its not manually curated, it’s not possible to edit the artists that appear in this tab. But staying active on social media, encouraging your fans to tune in to your music on Spotify, and conversations about your music across the internet will all help influence the artists you’re paired with.


Creating and sharing playlists containing your music, and similar artists, is a great place to start. Check out the Spotify for Artists promo guide for more tips.

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