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Same old Country change issue everyone has.

Same old Country change issue everyone has.



Using Facebook-login for a while being a free user.


This Friday i order a family-subscription.

I live in Sweden, but work in Norway, so therefor i do as i always do and use my Norwegian Visa-card.


Big failure as u see allready there as this prevents me now from inviting my familymembers as Spotify keeps being anoying wanting me to be a Norwegian resident.


So i email support and get a url.. sure.. that didnt do much.

I see the hint here to cancell and renew.


So i cancell the subscription completely. I then start it again and change the country to Sweden and payment to PayPal.

That way both me and Paypal has the same info, that im Swedish. nothing else.


so... when everything is done i go back to my profile to check. And guess what.... Im still in NORWAY.....


I do it once more. cancel, change country and use Paypal., choose Family-subscription and go through with the phurcase.

Check my profile and....

NORWAY.... and to make it even more fun... h00ray a Premium account instead of the Family i did choose...


Spotify seriusly needs to get this stuff fixed, because this is the worst experience ever when it comes to subscribing to anything..



But if anoyone has a good solution to this i would be thrilled of joy to get it solved and it would seriusly save my day and make the family alot happier as this is way to frustrating and anoying.


Best regards



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Are you in Sweden or Norway at this moment?


Seems you did everything right, but the problem you may have is your Facebook, since your country in profile is pegged to the one you have in Facebook. That may have prevented you from freely change it like you wanted.


My suggestion would be for you to create a new account with a different email address from the one you use for Facebook. That will give you a Spotify username of your choice, so you won't have to rely on Facebook anymore.


Once you have this new account, contact customer support and they'll help you migrate your Premium privileges (if you still have them), library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account.


If you like you can link this new account to your Facebook again, but now you won't have to rely in the Facebook login process, since you'll have your very own Spotify username.


With your new account, you can make your payment info country match your country in profile, and the country of your IP address, for you to have Family Premium.


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Seems there was an issue with the subscription.
Support deleted the family-subscription and signed up a new one and it got sorter out.
So did get some good help at the end but it took about 14-15 mails and 1week which is a bit of a shame as other ppl might just walk away not to return when it tales so much time and effort to get something so simple fixed.

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