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Samsung Smart tv app going away?


Samsung Smart tv app going away?

I just got notice that the app on my Samsung Smart tv is going away on Aug 31st. Is this true and why?

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Not really a solution there... spotify connect wpnt work with my tv without upgrading. Dissappointed. Time to end my subscription!

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Hey @Kris17,


Thanks for reaching out.


As Spotify looks to improve the overall experience, the app will not be available on Samsung’s Legacy operating system on select 2015 and prior devices. For more information, and for other ways to stream on your TV, check this out.

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Not really a solution there... spotify connect wpnt work with my tv without upgrading. Dissappointed. Time to end my subscription!

Same. That's pretty crappy that your answer to "improving" is literally just "take away from some people". I've had my premium spotify account since 2011, but I'm not going to by a brand new TV every time the software changes, so I'll cancel Spotify instead.

I got this message yesterday & sure enough its gone today. Roku got rid of it some time ago as well. I guess its too difficult to keep track of all the accounts & millions of songs without it causing technical issues, at least thats kinda what roku said...anyway im glad i found a used PS3 the other day, so now i have spooterfy on my ancient 2014 samsung again.

No it is false

I agree, I think this is a very very poor show on Spotify’s behalf. A 2015 tv is not a legacy tv and you shouldn’t expect your valued paying customers to have to buy a new tv to be able to continue to use the service they pay for.

If that's the case, I'm seriously pissed off. 2015 isn't even 2 full years ago. 

Totally ridiculous - why remove it for paying customers? Especially as the technology has been proven to work. I will also make similar comments to Samsung.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Who discontinues support on a platform less than two years old and calls it "Legacy". This is pure laziness on Spotify's part. At a time when there are a lot of great options for streaming music, you are forcing your PAYING CUSTOMERS' hands. This on top of recent news surrounding how unfair Spotify is to artists compared to other streaming services and I thing I am done with Spotify. Say goodbye to my Premium account, my husband's Premium account AND my daughter' Premium account. Thanks Spotify Team!

Not cool. I assumed this was Samsung's doing for some reason but it looks like the concensus is that the fault for this ridiculousness lies with Spotify. I've had my Spotify Premium for years and use it primarily with my home entertainment system - which is ce centered around my apparently ancient TV (two years old). The smart TV features, i.e. the ability to play spotify, was a major selling point when purchasing my tv. I mean, it's not like I'm asking them to support a MySpace app on my gameboy, the Spotify logo was on the freaking box! Not cool. Not cool. 

This post is nowhere near a solution. 2015 equals legacy? Man, this is a sure fire way to **bleep** off some once loyal customers. Cancelled my subscription yesterday. 

I have a 2 year old samsung smart tv lcd that cost thousands hooked up to a bose theatre system and we play music ALOT and now your saying my TV is outdated. Who are you to dictate the age of our tvs. Do you expect thousands of customers to buy new tvs so they can use your app. Your a joke spotify. Say goodbye to my family as customers and i call on all customers affected by this to delete spotify also. Absolutely disgusting 


I too cannot believe Spotify would alienate so many paying Premium customers, notifying us mere days before removing the app, when I have been listening since 2013.  Like other users, I play a lot of music through my home Bose system and Spotify app on my Samsung TV.  This forces us to buy new gadgets or equipment.  Very uncool move.  I tried customer service and got 5 different answers from 5 different people (your question/complaint is received and replied to on some kind of rotation), so I got zero consistency on the answers.


Enhancing our experience, by taking away our service?  I don't think so. There are many choices for us as consumers, cancelling my subscription, Spotify..

I got Spotify for the first time a month ago and was loving it!  Then the app disappeared from my TV and I had no idea what was going on.  I even reset my TV and spent the last hour troubleshooting.  I finally found this thread which explains everything.  Totally ridiculous since obviously my TV could support it before.  Needless to say, I'm cancelling Spotify and will find something else that I can get through my Samsung.

This is honestly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever experienced. To be fair, having contacted Customer Care the folk there were rapid in their response but as suggested above, their rationale was that they're looking to improve the service and so have removed it from a significant number of users. It's simply not an acceptable answer. I was advised to use Spotify Connect to connect my phone to tv but to do so I need the app on the TV. Which is the problem. I'm just being sent round in circles and ultimately I suspect I'm being encouraged to invest in new technology to make this work. Which won't happen. If there's no reasonable solution in a week or so I'll cancel my subscription.

I agree with all the previous posts.  It is incredible that Spotify has decided to discontinue supporting paying custmers.  I have two homes all with Samsung TV's and really enjoyed Spotify. I have spent hours trying to find a work around so that I can continue using my Premium service.  At this point I give up and will  be canceling my service.

So Spotify "wants to improve" it's service to customers penalising them by removing a perfectly working app off a Samsung tv that's 2 years or older!  Can you please explain how this is possibly an improvement, or even good customer service?  Pathetically short sighted on your behalf.  At least have the option of a  historical app for older generation tv's than to just completly remove it!  Yep fantastic customer service well done Spotify.

Hi everyone. As angry as i got with spotify I just went to th internet app on the tv and logged in to spotifys web browser and its actually great. So before everyone cancels spotify try this. 

Interesting.  I wonder how you were able to connect? Samsung tv blocks me from going to spotify's website.  That was the first workaround that I tried, but it didn't work for me.  The weird thing is that it's the only website that I've been unable to connect to through my tv.

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