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Samsung Smart tv app going away?


Samsung Smart tv app going away?

I just got notice that the app on my Samsung Smart tv is going away on Aug 31st. Is this true and why?
58 Replies

Thats really sad that Spotify can't support an app on a widely used tv, "legacy" being a two year old tv? I'll be cancelling my premium subscription.. 

So annoyed at this. Now I can't listen to Spotify in 2 rooms.  I've been a continuous premium customer for years.  No point having the subscription now. Why treat loyal customers like this??!!  Cancelling premium asap!!  😞

Oh look, the Deezer app is available on my 'ancient' 2 year old devices.  Looks like Deezer will be getting an influx of new customers. 🙂


What a joke, just went to put spotify on my Samsung tv and noticed it had dissapeared. This is very poor, don't know how they can consider a two year old tv as a legacy device.

You don't improve a service by removing it!

I'm not buying g a new TV just to get Spotify. So I will be cancelling my Spotify subscription.

Try using the app on your blu ray player, ps3, ps4 or xbox one...

Since for some reason there is no option to delete a response i will just edit it to this: Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen...he was number one.

So you have to go to Web and login each time you want to use the service?

Spotify app terminated on blu-ray players older than 2016... 😒

Are the creators of spotify so rich and ignorant now that they have forgotten that not everyone can just go out and buy a new tv? Did you guys forget that at one time you didn't have millions? Or were you born to a rich family and never had to experience working hard every day just to save up for a new tv? Either way this is an appalling and abismal way to treat your paying customers! $12.99 a month isn't too bad but to play on my Smart Samsung Tv  which now apparently I'm going to have to get a new one well lets see my math isnt great but let me have a go. So from my research an average basic hd tv from samsung is $2200 now divide that by 24 months because lets say your ignorance hasn't disappeared by then and you do this to all 2017 and older models aswell and now we're looking at $91.6 plus the spotify premium charge as well and that's now $104.65 a month. So have you and Samsung teamed this up so you can make more money? Or are you just ignorant meatheads not thinking about the financials for majority of your customer base? Either way I'm done with you Spotify. 

Hahaha isn't it a bit early for april fools? Was this decision made by trump? Only trump would make such a decision!!

What a joke! Can't listen to it at work, now can't listen on my TV. It's like Spotify is actively sabotaging it's own business. Improving the service is not excluding the customer

It's completely ridiculous, three years of premium subscription and my 2015 Samsung smart tv cannot play anymore! Congratulations, it's the best way to "improve the overall experience"! You've just lost another customer...

First this i did was to delete my premium subscription and then i am looking for a solution

if not i will simply switch to other options available in market. Its just shows however careless spotify is about its customers

Holy unbelievable discontinuation, Batman!

My 7-series Samsung TV which cost me $1500 and was marketed as having Spotify and Skype among other software, is just over 3 years old. First Skype disappeared - annoying but no deal breaker, since I only used it occasionally. But Spotify was my second most used TV app next after Netflix! Until today, apparently!!!


I just got home from working long hours all week and turned on the TV - my only excuse for a sound system at home - to listen to a Spotify playlist and it's gone! No explanation, no nothing. Are you **bleep**ting me? I've had a Premium account for years and this is how you treat me? Well you can take your streaming service and shove it!


Thank god where I live products have to work as advertised for at least 5 years, or you can return them for a full refund according to law. Spotify's name was used in the ads. Guess how happy Samsung is gonna be when half of Norway starts returning our 2 and 3 year old TVs for refunds due to YOUR **bleep**up!

me too

Perhaps somebody fom Spotify will finally tell us what the f..k happened!? I lost my app today. A samung H series tv. December 2014. 2.5 years old tv. Crazy!!!

I know it's the case with Samsungs software  but I need a way to play it! F..K!!!

I found a workaround, I guess. maybe 2.

The app seems to be gone forever, since it will only be available on Samsung TVs with Android software....

Guys, but try this:

install Samsung connect or Screen Mirroring on you phone, tablet or whatever android device you have, mirror it to your smart TV and play it that way. You will see the phone super narrow phone screen on TV, but I have an option in my Samsung TV to turn the screen off. But the sound plays fine. If you have any home theater connected to your TV, you can play it through it.

I still need to try the second option, i.e. via the built-in web browser. that should work as well and imho that will be also ok, since I hated the app although it was convenient to use any workarounds.

I really hope I helped just a bit.


edit: I tried the web browser, but it says it does not support the spotify web player...

this would leave us with playing music via spotify app on an adroid device and mirroring the device's screen to tv.

I can't find any other workaround right now.

Quality of sound is a bit off, but I will live with that.

I'm buying PS4 soon, so I'll have the app back

That's a pretty amazing law @Samsung7Series! I wish more countries had it...

My solution is buy chromecast if you dont already have it and download the soundcast app to play from laptop/macbook

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