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Samsung Smart tv app going away?


Samsung Smart tv app going away?

I just got notice that the app on my Samsung Smart tv is going away on Aug 31st. Is this true and why?
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It’s not a solution… why do I need an external device (chromecast) to stream media from a third device (laptop or macbook) to use an official App that has been proven to work until a month ago?

Just keep the old App running without new features (is there any new feature on spotify since a couple of years??)

I’m really interesting in hearing an official response from Spotify on this?

Perhaps Spotify could supply a Chromecast or similar for the people affected.

I do have one of the Samsung TV's which runs Tizen 2.0, so I understand the frustration.


This will make it harder for me to sell the TV as it now has less capability than it did when I purchased it.

That's the case. I don't think Spotify had any impact on Samsung's decision. It's the case of Tizen. Only Android will be supported. End of story. So either we can use a chromecast or mirror the screen to our tvs.

Another option is to play music from your android device through bluetooth. My other home theather has BT, so that's how I listen to Spotify. Unfortunately my primary sound system and my living room TV do not support BT (well TV allegedly has BT but only for communication with the remote), but Spotify app was there. But now the only solution (workaround) I found is the mirroring (I don't know if all phones support this feature, since my 2 phones are Samsungs).

One possible work around might be to use a Chromecast and the Spotify app on your laptop to cast to the TV. Chromecast appears under the devices menu on the phone/tablet app. 


I've been doing this for a while and it certainly a better experience than the Samsung app was. 


I have attached a screenshot from my mobile.


I've been doing that... I've purchased a Chromecast 2 and works fine... but you shouldn't go shopping for a third party stuff when you have had a working app from Spotify/Samsung...

**bleep**, spotify.  The samsung app is the only reason I was paying for premium.  All eyes on Pandora I guess... sure wish they'd do something with what they acquired in the rdio buyout. 

So now the turn have come to Samsung´s product Spotify close down buy not continue their suport of libspotify. My self have a Bang&Olufsen unit that used to have a superb spotify integration but due to Spotify´s decition to stop supporting/developing lib spotify they instead forced all their existing partners to stop the interaction to Spotify. 

They want to have all interaction via their on app it seems but I think Spotify is dropping premium customers buy this, I don´t see a need to have / pay for spotify anymore due to this behavour from them. 

Hey guess what Spotify? Due to your bleep-up I was just reimbursed 1/3 of what I paid for my now nearly 4-year old TV. According to law I could have gotten all of my money back and returned the sucker, but I decided to play nice and only asked to be given back an amount equal to what I had paid extra for a smart TV, compared to a lesser, cheaper, not-so-smart TV.

The electronics store acknowledged that the TV was no longer as advertised, and compensated me for it just like the law says they have to. Bet they love you now....


[edited for spelling]

After four years though? That's a long time... surely there must be a term length for this sort of thing? Especially electronics. 


What country do you live in? US? UK? 


There is, and it's 5 years. So 1 year left. Norway's consumer protection laws are kinda tough...

I have paid almost $3000 for my samsung smart tv , mainly to enjoy all the apps.  I have used spotify on my smart tv often! Now it is gone! Okay then , it is time to cancel my subscription! 


Spotify have proven to be a company that does not respect their customers. maybe they have a new genius manager who smoke a lot of mary jane and one morning woke up with the brilliant idea to **bleep** everything and then asked for promotion

VERY Disapointed

All of the apps for all devices are gone! WHAT THE **bleep** IS SPOTIFY DOING ? CAN ANYONE GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER ?

The Samsung TV app   the Roku app, and the Amazon Fire Stick app are gone.  Something is really wrong. this doesn't make any sense. Spotify would not be willing to loose so many premium  customers.   That is a lot of money.  Something is wrong. 

Unbelievable; after spending hours looking for solutions I discover this thread... 

So, has anybody found a app that will work with a older Samsung TV? Also, what are your favorite (services) choices to replace Spotify? 

Apple Music is growing fast; but also not supported on older (pre 2015... LOL) smart TVs. 


Long time Premium Family Spotify user



Xbox one

I took a little bit of the money I got back from the TV dealership after complaining about apps disappearing, and spent it on a Google Chromecast.

The Chromecast supports Spotify so I am yet again able to use my TV as a makeshift sound system in lieu of a good old stereo (although the Chromecast does need to be controlled by my smartphone i.e. a less flexible solution than having a native TV Spotify app).

YouTube, Netflix, HBO GO, Prime and others are still updating their apps on my 2014 Samsung TV, but Spotify not only isn't, but decided to take the app down all together. It's obviously not about the users' convinience, at least you could explain what it's about. I'm unfortunately canceling my subscription after 5 years. 

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