Search fails again. Third time in one week.

Search fails again. Third time in one week.

Once again no search facility, fails every time. I'm paying for a premium service and getting no service. This is now 3 times in 1 week, and my anger is fueled by a smiley face on the service status page saying everything is fine. Spotify, do you enjoy taking money and not caring? Why can you simply not just fix your systems?
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Moi non plus

Same problem, I shall be cancelling my premium. The service has potential to be massive but is obviously run by muppets who couldn't give a rats ass.


I am having the same problem after just resubscribing to premium. Does anyone have a solution to this? I can't listen to music if I can't get to it from the search page!


Thanks for linking that. It's nice to nkow they have acknowledged the problem at least.


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