Security Risk With Spotify Connect


Security Risk With Spotify Connect


I've realized there is a security risk with Spotify Connect; once a person connects their personal device (cell phone, tablet etc) to a Spotify enabled TV/receiver/speaker, they are able to play their Spotify over your system from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.


A few weeks ago I had some friends over who connected their phones to my surround sound audio receiver (Pioneer) and my TV (Sony) to play music. Now, anytime they pull up their Spotify, they are able to stream their music over my system from anywhere. They can be at their house miles away and start up my system with their Spotify. I have my cell phone linked to both devices as well. When I disconnect from my home WiFi, I can turn my stereo on and control the volume when I'm not even home.


Am I the only one that sees this as a security issue?

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Re: Security Risk With Spotify Connect


Hey @Yourrid, welcome to the Community!


Thanks for letting us know. We'll definitely be passing your feedback and concern on this topic to the right folks.


If you need anything else, just let us know.



Re: Security Risk With Spotify Connect


So... Is there any solution? This issue is really annoying and should be solved asap.