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Serious problem with email address contact on my account

Serious problem with email address contact on my account

Hi. My spotify account was created with facebook, but has pulled across an old email address which I deleted from Facebook a long time ago. When I try to update the email address in spotify it says I have to go to my facebook account. But the old email address isn't there. The trouble is, that old email address which is being used by Spotify is inactive, so I can't close the account. I recently downloaded all the information that facebook holds about me, and that email address isn't there. So I'm not sure how Spotify is using it!! Anyone any tips? And off hand anyone know how I can formalise a complaint against Facebook? Thanks.

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So the problem I have still hasn't been resolved unfortunately. I have changed the email address on Facebook a number of times, but the old defunct email address used by Spotify stays there. I can neither purchase premium spotify nor cancel it, and I can't receive anything from Spotify in response to "Contact us" because everything is sent to the non-existent email address. I'm still trying to solve it by contacting both Spotify and Facebook. If there are any lawyers out there, I would be interested to hear from you. I didn't give Facebook permission to share with Spotify an email address I deleted from the Facebook account many years ago!!!!

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