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Several (premium) Accounts for couples ???

Several (premium) Accounts for couples ???

I have a Spotify Premium Account, it's linked with my Facebook-Page. I Also sync with my Android Mobile Device....
But my Problem is: My Girl-Friends wants to use her mobile device for streaming too, she also would like to link the music she was listening to to her own Facebook Page....

Is it really need to get TWO Spotify Premium accounts for people living in a relationship, even though the have nearly the same taste of music?


How can I solve the Problem. I really like Spotify and I'm glad that I can listen to so much music for just only 9,99. But I wouldn't like to pay it twice. Because it would be nearly the same songs...

Any hints for solution ? Maybe it's possible to get a kind of special Membership?


Best regards
Sebastian Latajka 

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At the moment, that is the only available option for you unfortunately.  There is a suggestion open in the Spotify Ideas area to allow for discounted family subscriptions, but it has not been implemented so far.  You can add your support and comments to the idea here:


Alternatively, if you or your girlfriend do not have a need to enable offline playlists, you might be better off on Spotify Unlimited, which is 4,99 per month.  That would save you over having two Premium accounts, but it may or may not work depending upon what your needs are.


Hope this helps!

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