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Sharing a playlist - DJ help

Sharing a playlist - DJ help


Premium Duo

Country USA



(iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 6S plus, iPad Air II, Ipad 6th gen, PC, laptop)

Operating System

(iOS 12-13.5.1Windows 10,)


I DJ with Spotify and normally have an iPad playing a playlist on a large PA.


What I want to do is look for and test listen to songs using another device and add them to the que or playlist thats currently being played by the Ipad on the PA.

  Controlling the iPad with another device and adding/changing songs in the playlist is easy. But it’s difficult to find music to add by title only without being able to listen to them.

  I used to be able to do this years ago by having a collaborative playlist between two accounts.

  I can have two devices work separately using different log in’s with Premium Duo. And can start a group session. But once a group session is joined, anything played with the 2nd device, starts playing on the iPad/PA

  I read that Spotify is discontinuing it’s support for DJ apps starting last month so 3rd part software is apparently a no go.


I have a wedding in two weeks and really need a solution.


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Hi there @cstoliker,

thanks for reaching out !


The only way you would be able to do so is to have to different accounts on two different devices - one for searching and testing the upcoming tracks you wish to play and another to be the actual output device.


Unfortunately, there isn't a way of doing so on one device and account.

Note: Spotify is for personal use only


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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