Showing offline when I’m not

Showing offline when I’m not






(iPhone 6)


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Spotify keeps not working whenever I am not using wi fi. Initially, it would not play any music when I was not on wi fi, even though the music was already downloaded. I also do have data if it had been needed. I then deleted the cache, reinstalled and restarted the phone - since then I can’t now log into Spotify as it just says I am offline. The username and password are correct as I can use them to log in on the Spotify website. Have tried reinstalling and restarting again, no luck. Any ideas what I can do to get it working normally again?

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Hi @nmaybanks,


Thanks for coming to the community with this! That doesn't seem right! I'll refer you to this link where a Spotify user had a similar issue which seemed to be under investigation by a Spotify tech team at the time:


Have a look at the solution and try out some of the suggested steps.


Hope this helps out!


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