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Showing up as 'Other Friends' to my friends

Showing up as 'Other Friends' to my friends



I've followed a few friends (who have followed me back) and after a few days the friends feed started to work and they started showing up. However, there are a few problems:


1. It's basically not updating for me. I see what they were listening to from days ago, even though I can see them listening to other music via discord


2. I show up in 'other friends' on their friends feed and they can't see what I'm listening to. They all show up normally to me, and normally to each other.


None of us has a linked facebook account and we've all got 'publish my activity on Spotify' turned on.


Any ideas?

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Hey @OhGosh, welcome to the community!


The right team is aware of this issue and looking into it as we speak. You can stay up to date and continue reporting any changes on this thread.


Fingers crossed there'l be an update soon.



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