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Sign-up page bug

Sign-up page bug

First, I would like to say thank you for no longer requiring a Facebook account to sign up. However, the sign up page is giving mixed messages.


If you view it while not logged into Facebook, you see a "You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify" message, but the bottom of the page has a link to "Create an account using my e-mail address". That Facebook requirement message should not be appearing because you no longer need one to use Spotify.

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Daniel Ek need now more money from us. Good way. Now everyone can signup.


Can I ask, is this move done because Rdio (no Facebook) opened in some countries recently? 😉


However, great job Spotify.

No official word yet if its global

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There probably will be official information later. The Facebook plugin on the sign-up page still produces a "You need a Facebook account" message when logged out of Facebook. They just added a link below the plugin to sign up without Facebook. I think this new link was put up before the official announcement so now the sign-up page is all weird.


This little problem is why I made the thread - some people may see the "you need Facebook" message but not notice that you actually don't.

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